• We organize Urban Foot, in the spring, around activities offered by players from the first team. In the heart of the city of Châtellerault, at the Stade de la Montée-Rouge, at the Lac de la Forêt or at the Plaine d’Ozon, they allow unlicensed children to discover the practice of football, including young girls.

    During the summer holidays in August, sports training is also offered by the Visa Vacances operation, on the Lac de la Forêt site.

    Thanks to the youth commission, events are offered to young licensees such as a walk in the city after a movie screening and a Christmas snack, or the galette des rois preceded by internal meetings of all sections of the club.

    Every year, we organize our Ascension Tournament, which brings together many children on the Montée-Rouge site, and thus allows us to offer participants great rewards. In 2015, Cholet won the U11 and U13 tournament. After having invited Niort or Poitiers, among others, the objective of the club is to bring in professional clubs like Guingamp or Tours where our most talented are solicited. The arrival of Angers would be symbolic with at its head the former technician of the SOC in the person of Stéphane Moulin.

    In order to meet the demands of sports authorities, the French Football Federation and the Center-West League, our club participates in the Federal Educational Program and the Youth Label.

    SO Châtellerault has chosen to separate its licensees into three areas: football school, pre-training and training. The first years from the age of 5 aim to favor the pleasure of the game without a spirit of competition. However, rigor and discipline are trademarks, through the same equipment for each child, included in the price of the license.

    From the U12/U13, the transition to League levels is based on a linear progression. Then comes the training from the age of 15, according to the international denomination of U16 up to the U19 and the senior reserve team.