As you may have read in the last minutes of the Center-West League and then in the New Republic, the fate of the SOC will be settled on Wednesday when it passes to the financial policeman. For their part, the men in the field had fulfilled their task a week earlier, thanks to a high-flying success at St-Pryvé. This Saturday, the players of the Geo Pénoty-Chris Miot duo ended the season with a draw with the red lantern (1-1). As our captain Jason Henry remarked on the microphone after the game, “we don’t hide that it was a bad season but we thank you for being faithful to us until the end”. It is true that it was a great opportunity to make this last one at home a day in honor of volunteers. Presented before the meeting, along with the football school of Stéphane Dumas and young referees Hugo and Hadrien Heringer, the members of the FAN SOC and all their supporter friends hardly missed a match out of the 26 played. Some even attended all of the meetings! From Vendée to Loiret… Finally, we thank two elected officials for having honored our invitation, the regional councilor Cyril Cibert and the deputy Véronique Massonneau.

For the record, because we quickly forget, last season, St-Pryvé finished second in the wheel of the Cholet champion. The reaction came after their fall at home against SOC! Le Mans fails in the same place, 3rd. La Roche/Yon fell because they were also on the podium with the Sarthois, it is true that they were affected by the match lost on the green carpet at La Montée-Rouge. Angers and Tours were 5th and 7th in 2015/2016, this remains stable for professional reserves. Bressuire had finished 6th and lost 4 ranks but just one point behind Châtellerault. The relegated Châteauroux and Le Poiré were 9th and 10th, this time it was not enough. On the other hand, Vertou was only 3 points ahead of SOC, narrowly saved a year ago! It’s the best progression… Finally, descended last season, Chauray and Thouars did not manage to go up since it

So Chartres dominated the championship head and shoulders. At 10 points, Avoine/Chinon fails among the worst 2nds. At the bottom of the table, Le Poiré/Vie is in the worst 12th and will have to wait for the final verdict after the visits to the DNCG. The Castelroussine reserve should not obtain any recourse except carnage… We will come back to the results of our team at the end of the week before closing our channels for three weeks. The site and social networks will be on hiatus and the secretariat’s hours will be reduced until Friday August 5th.

The final ranking:

1. Chartres 84 pts; 2. Oats 77; 3. Le Mans 69; 4. Vertou 66 pts; 5. Angers 61; 6. SOC , Tours Bourges and La Roche/Yon 59 pts; 10. Bressuire and St-Pryvé 58; 9. Bourges and La Roche/Yon 55 pts; 11. Pear/Life 54 pts; 13. Chateauroux 53; 14. Challans 47 pts. 

Among the Châtelleraudais scorers, Kevin Vergerolle finished ahead of his comrades, nevertheless with 4 fewer goals than his attacking partner Reynald Videira, little used this season and then injured. Congratulations to Jason Henry, captain, midfielder and scorer! Tito Abie and Teddy Audinet point to 4 goals.

SOC scorers :

Vergerolle 6 goals

Henry 5 goals

Audinet and Tito Abie 4 goals

Chaffard andVideira 3 goals; 

Kouyate  2  goals;Thalamy, Robalo, Mauve  1 goal.