It was not a fun season but it ends in the best way! Thanks to Tito Abie’s opener followed by a double from Teddy Audinet, the SOC won on the lawn of St-Pryvé St-Hilaire. More expressive outside this season, the group of duo Geoffray Pénoty – Christophe Miot confirmed their unbeaten streak with a fine victory (2-3). Null results don’t make much progress, so this one saves the day and that’s not bad! This will avoid the heart to live a last game ax. Our volunteers did not deserve this. The players will finally offer them one last with a smile. The distant trip near Orléans was very fruitful since it definitively ruled out the random 12th place. Better, the Reds suddenly point to 7th place with Bressuire. The “inseparable” part good friends and will stay in CFA2 next season. The famous National 3 in 2017/2018. So he will stay one season at this federal level managed by the supreme national institution. Then, it will be time to be followed by a new League of the 3 former regions Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes in 15 months…At the same time, Saturday evening, Bourges suffered in Angers (3-0) and is still not a survivor, as well as La Roche despite his tennis success in Tours (6-2). Le Mans further pressed the Castelroussine reserve (0-2) while Challans, already condemned and who will come here on Saturday, lost the derby against Poiré (0-1). The quiet victory of Bressuire against Vertou (2-0) therefore ensures their maintenance but prevents the “Nantais” from doing better than 2nd. Avoine / Chinon will end up in the wheel of Chartres the champion but risks not reaching the CFA if he does not appear in the best 2nd. The club of 37 still puts 25 points in the red lantern, a real way of the cross. Finally, Vertou, Avoine and Chartres will also referee the championship with a view to maintaining it! To be continued…

The last day: 
Saturday 4 June at 6 p.m.: 

SOC – Challans ; La Roche/Yon- Bressuire; Vertou – St-Pryve St-Hilaire ; Le Poiré/Life – Chartres; Bourges- Tours 2; Oats/Chinon – Châteauroux 2; Le Mans-Angers 2.

Classification :

1. Chartres 80 pts; 2. Oats 70; 3. Vertou and Le Mans 65; 5. Angers 60; 7. SOC and Bressuire 57; 9. Bourges and La Roche/Yon 55 pts; 11. St-Pryve 54 pts; 12. The Pear/Life 53; 13. Chateauroux 52; 14. Challans 45 pts. 

SOC scorers : 

Henry  and Vergerolle  5 goals

Audinet and Tito Abie 4 goals

Chaffard andVideira 3 goals; 

Kouyate  2  goals;Thalamy, Robalo, Mauve  1 goal.