After that, there will only be two days left! But Châtellerault – Bressuire on Saturday at 8 p.m. already promises. With equal points, the two neighbors will fight to stay in the division. With four lengths of margin on the relegated, the winner should be saved. In the event of a draw, we will have to see the results of the Castelroussine reserve and Poiré / Vie in the evening. The defeated team will still have to fight maybe until the last day on June 4th! The first condemned could be Challans on Saturday. Remember that 3 of the 8 best 12th will survive… At least before the DNCG decisions.

Angers 2 took the points last Sunday by “exploding” Vertou (7-0). Châteauroux could not win despite a goal in the first 5 minutes and the Poiré fell at home against St-Pryvé. The latter will be the SOC’s next opponent on May 28. Two high profile meetings also took place. Chartres has taken another step towards the CFA but is not there yet. He must play Avoine in 15 days and is “only” eight points ahead of his runner-up with 3 days remaining. The poster of the weekend was the clash Avoine – Le Mans last Saturday. After the home opener, Le Mans equalized early in the second period before dropping the flag in three minutes. At the hour of play, Avoine put the Sarthois at 6 lengths… The 3-1 victory places the club Indre-et-Loire in the fight for the best 2nds who reach the CFA. At the passage time, he risks missing 3 units after the final count…

The next day (read below or on the ranking on the site) offers a last chance to Vertou but also a good duel between Le Mans and Chartres. Avoine can secure 2nd place if he beats Le Poiré who also needs a victory to get out of it! In three days, we will know a little more… Sportingly.

As a curtain raiser, our women’s football manager, Coralie, organized a gala meeting between ASJ Soyaux Charente (D1) and Le Mans FC (D2). This friendly high-level women’s football match is scheduled at 4:30 p.m. on the Honor field of Montée-Rouge. Two of the three referees will be from SO Châtellerault: Ryiadh Hadj-Belkacem and Hadrien Heringer.

The next day:
Friday 13: Vertou – Tours 2; La Roche/Yon-Angers 2; Saturday 14: Le Mans – Chartres; Oats – Perry/Life; Bourges-Chateauroux 2; Challans – St-Pryve; SOC-Bressuire.

Classification :

1. Chartres 74 pts; 2. Oats 66; 3. Vertou 62; 4. Le Mans 60; 5. Towers 55; 6. Bourges 53; 7. Angers 52; 8. SOC and Bressuire 51; 10. La Roche/Yon 50; 11. St-Pryvé 49; 12. Le Poiré/life and Châteauroux 47; 14. Challans 43.

SOC scorers:

Henry etVergerolle 5 buts

Chaffard, Videira 3 buts;

Audinet, Tito Abie, Kouyaté 2 goals;Thalamy, Robalo, Mauve 1 but.