After several visits to elementary schools* in the conurbation, the SOC hosted a final match at the Montée-Rouge stadium. The operation called “My Euro 2016” in partnership with the FFF, the District, USEP Vienna and the Ministry of National Education went perfectly this Thursday, May 19.

From 9:30 a.m., activities took place on 6 playgrounds according to the values ​​advocated by the Federation: Pleasure, Respect, Commitment, Tolerance, Solidarity, Loans! Games, workshops, technical courses and an educational workshop around the European theme of the competition in June in France have been set up by the organizer of the event for the SOC, Coralie Reneteau. She was accompanied by the manager, Rodolphe Levrault, the civic service Ewald Moigner-Lavenac, educators and players from the first team. A quiz on health was also on the program as well as an exhibition to raise awareness of the Federal Educational Program and a game of flags of the countries present in France at the Euro.

Each team was made up of three boys and three girls from different schools, to ensure maximum diversity. The children had lunch in the grandstand around a large picnic while the “technicians” were served by the leaders of the SOC, in particular Josiane and Jean-Pierre. The world of football was represented by the departmental technical manager Anthony Allouis accompanied by two civic services in the District, Marine and Valentin. With the very active support of Guillaume from USEP! Finally, the SOC would like to thank all the participants, such as the visit of a National Education Inspector and of the deputy Véronique Massonneau. You can find a video of the end of the event and photos on our SO Châtellerault Facebook page!

* St-Gervais, Thuré, Naintré, Archigny, Châtellerault Lavoisier and Painlevé. That is 9 classes and 207 students!