The new draw recorded at home does not change the situation. The tie with the last opponent, Bressuire, continues! Châteauroux and  St-Pryvé St-Hilaire are the happy beneficiaries of the previous day. The latter will receive the SOC in ten days for another sulphurous match. The two main lessons of last Saturday were the official coronation of Chartres and the relegation of Challans who will only have made a return trip to CFA2. We remember the first match of the season when the Reds led 3-0 in Vendée before being joined. The start of a series of eleven draws! Alas, point sharing is not rewarded on the scoreboard. It is even the 6th success in a row since the victory against Le Mans! Twice 0-0, twice 1-1 and twice 2-2. 

The fate of Poiré/Vie interests most of the other formations up to the 7th Bourges. With two units to fill on the Castelroussins and the Yonnais, the 13th can be condemned in the next round. He has no choice but to win at Challans now. This will be the mission of the SOC on June 4 to close a stormy season. Beating the relegated will be enough for Geoffray Pénoty’s players to ensure maintenance. Admittedly, this was not the goal at the start of the season, but the time has come for rescue. For its part, Bressuire can get by by welcoming Vertou and Châteauroux make a comeback by dominating Le Mans. The Sarthois will have to continue their destiny in the 5th division for another year. Among the champion, the Chinese still dream of CFA as the best 2nd. Everyone will have to play at the same time during the last two days for sporting fairness. At St-Pryvé St-Mesmin in the Loiret, one evening of the Champions League final, Châtellerault will play a semi-final… 

The next day: 
Saturday May 28 at 6 p.m.:  

St-Pryvé St-Hilaire – SOC  ; Bressuire-  Vertou; Challans – Le Poiré/Life; Towers 2 – La Roche/Yon; Chartres – Oats; Angers-Bourges; Chateauroux – Le Mans.

Classification :

1. Chartres 78 pts; 2. Oats 68; 3. Vertou 64; 4. Le Mans 61; 5. Towers 57; 6.  Angers 56; 7. Bourges 54; 8. SOC St-Pryvé and Bressuire 53; 11. La Roche/Yon  and Châteauroux  51; 13. Pear/Life 49; 14. Challans 44.    

SOC scorers: 

Henry etVergerolle 5 buts

Tito Abie,  Chaffard,  Videira  3 goals; 

Audinet,  Kouyaté  2 goals;Thalamy, Robalo, Mauve 1 but.